Mag. Peter Svik, Privatdoz. PhD


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Europäisierung der Luftverkehrskontrolle seit 1950er Jahren
FWF, Schrödinger-Programm
01.07.2020 - 30.06.2024

My Schrödinger project addresses the history of creation of the Single European Sky (SES). The SES’s formation has been one of the priorities of the European Union’s transport policy ever since 1979 when the European Parliament and European Communities’ Commission began to take a close interest in aviation matters. With the first proposals for European air traffic control dating from the 1950s, this project’s central research question is why the (still limited) Europeanization in this sector took so long despite strong functional incentives. To address these questions, this contemporary historical project uses a single longitudinal case study design to identify key actors who shaped the developments in this sector and to trace continuities and change over time. Focusing on linkages between technological and political integration, the project contributes to historical and social science research in contemporary history, political science and European studies.


History of European integration, Cold War history, global history, history of technology


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