INVITATION At Aurora's Gunpoint: Autonomy and Decentralization in the Dialogue between Russian Liberals and National Movements

08.05.2019 17:00

A blank shot of the cruiser Aurora signaled the attack on the Winter Palace and put an end to negotiations on the status of Finland and Ukraine between the Provisional government and authorities representing these borderlands. Considered from this perspective, the process of further disintegration of the former Russian empire went on regardless of the political stances supported by the negotiating parties. In its final variant, the issue had been solved by force. Nevertheless, the analysis of these negotiations allows revisiting the potential of autonomist and (con-) federalist alternatives to the empire’s break up. Despite the fundamental incompatibility of their final goals, the participants of the negotiations were ready for mutual concessions. Their projects offered a new understanding of the juridical link between the Empire and its distinct borderlands. It did not comply with the notion of complete sovereignty of nation-states, at the same time it went beyond the Russian lawyers’ understanding of the state unity.

May 8th, 2019, 17.00
Institute of East European History, Hörsaal

Tatiana Khripachenko: JESH post-doctoral scholar at the University of Vienna. She received her PhD at Central European University in 2014. She is presently completing her project on the political discussions on autonomy and federation in late Imperial Russia. With kind support by the “Joint Excellence in Science and the Humanities” program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mueller