GASTVORTRAG Transition and the Demolition of Democracy in Hungary

11.04.2019 18:00

Dr. Heino Nyyssönen (Senior Lecturer, University of Turku), 11.4.2019

11. April 2019, 18.00 Uhr
im Seminarraum des IOG

Welcome by Rinna Kullaa
(University of Vienna/University of Tampere)

Comment by Janos Matyas Kovacs (University of Vienna/Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest)

Representing Vienna Doctoral Academy Anastassiya Schacht

Hungary´s current governance is contested. According to recent opinion polls the current state of democracy is not a problem for the supporters of the government, whilst the opposition has a precisely different opinion. Dr. Heino Nyyssönen discusses democracy in Hungary and beyond; The events 1989 and its aftermath as the uses of history. He argues that democracy is not only a question of opinion, polling of the electorate, or even the governing structures alone. Already the concept of democracy is contested, and therefore democracy is an everyday lived concept that progresses forwards also in between elections and beyond transition. Dr. Heino Nyyssönen´s new book A demokrácia lebontása Magyarországon was published in April in Budapest.

The Institute for East European Studies
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