Nationalising the Young in European Borderlands?


FWF, Elise Richter



April 2014 - April 2018



Mag. Dr. Machteld Venken, M.A.




This project compares nationalisation, national identifications and social life worlds of the young who grew up in European border regions of annexation in the 20th century. It selects the two case-study regions Eupen-St.Vith-Malmedy (Belgium) and East Upper Silesia (district Lubliniecki, Poland) and presents a diachronical comparison of both post-World War periods (1920/22-1939/40 and 1944/45-1960). What the project seeks to examine is how nationalisation campaigns attempted to raise the young to be full members of the nation and how the young practiced affirmation or articulated distance towards nationalisation. As such, it shows what historiography can gain from an approach centred on the young and bridges the subdisciplinary gap between Western and East Central European historiography.